3 Keys to Powerful Landscape Painting: Secrets of A Modern Painter
Secrets of A Modern Painter: 3 Keys to Powerful Landscape Painting

3 Keys to Powerful Landscape Painting

  When considering how to paint a sky, we all
think of light, color, and air.

1. Sometimes, because we are painting on a flat surface, we neglect the curvature of the Earth and almost forget that we are painting the inside of a sphere.
You think of foreground, middle ground, and background, but this subtle shift in perception will change everything. Imagine as you are painting that you are moving your brush on the inside curve of the sphere - as if the flat wall of the canvas was a hard outer edge of the planet.

Experiment - if you haven't experienced this feeling- take a large bowl and a brush and paint an imaginary sky on the inside edge so you can get the feeling of what I mean. Move the brush against the bowl, then within the space of the half- sphere. If you can capture the idea of air and light filling the sphere and make your clouds float within it, your skies will improve immeasurably.

2. Don't paint elements of nature - paint the forces of nature in action. To me a landscape is a collection of events in space-time, revealed by light, interconnected through their suspension in air or bound by gravity to the Earth.

3. Create a sense of passage through one or more areas of the painting.
We want not only for the eyes to travel, we want our viewers to experience being there, or relive their own memory of a similar place. 

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