Painting Infinity and Symbolism: Secrets of A Modern Painter
Secrets of A Modern Painter: Painting Infinity and Symbolism

Painting Infinity and Symbolism

I want my paintings not so much to define what I see and what you should see
I want them to trigger your imagination, remind you of your own paths and questions. 

I am after the images that make you remember you're human, the images that connect with the universal consciousness that makes us all relate to metaphor and symbol.

Every aspect of your painting, every mark, every line and color has the potential to rise up and breathe, to become a symbol in and of itself.

I don't seek to paint things as they look; I seek to paint them as they are, how they feel.
I can appreciate plein air paintings - I love light, but my goal is not so much to capture a specific moment in time, rather it is to suspend time, to allow the mind to drift and explore.

Each viewer should be given an opening to engage with the work, to meditate on possibilities.

Like a person, each of your paintings has an identity, a presence.
Don't start with your subject's parameters, start with infinity.
You can find infinity in a stone or a mountain side; don't just see your subject for its simple visual effect, see it for its timeless symbolism.

Don't just try to paint subjects; paint space and time.
I create space for the eyes to travel and for the mind to wander.
Then I loosely define the time it takes to move within those boundaries.

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