Painting and Sex - The Climax: Secrets of A Modern Painter
Secrets of A Modern Painter: Painting and Sex - The Climax

Painting and Sex - The Climax

Great painting, like great sex, writing and music has rhythms and waves, both small and large leading eventually - one hopes - to a climax.


No matter how you break it down, great sex and great art is made up of forces uniting in both opposition and harmony, at once working together and struggling alone, to reach a transcendent and cathartic climactic experience.

Like a great melody rising and falling, expanding and contracting until finally reaching its crest, do your paintings strive toward one ultimate moment of clarity?

Do your paintings have a climax?

When viewing a painting, I look to see if the artist has gotten to the soul of the subject and transcribed it on the canvas using their own language.

Has the painter stated a main overall theme and carried through the subordinate colors and structures, mapped out their ideas to be followed, improvised upon, and ultimately resolved?

Has the painter introduced sufficient counterpoint - antagonistic forces - to challenge the outcome, or has our hero simply had to knock on the door to be allowed to enter?

Am I to experience a sense of struggle, a primal challenge that will ignite in me a sense of passion for creation, the subject, or the paint itself?

By allowing myself to engage with this painting- will I experience a catharsis, a change or alteration in my understanding of the human condition?

I want my best work to be sublime and to leave my viewers with a lasting feeling
of being affected by the painting.
When my painting is complete, I want everything but the painting to be irrelevant; neither the title, the description, nor I as the artist should matter, only the finished work.

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