Paint Fast - You're Being Chased: Secrets of A Modern Painter
Secrets of A Modern Painter: Paint Fast - You're Being Chased

Paint Fast - You're Being Chased

In order for your art to connect to people, you need to feel what you are doing, not think it.
This is an exercise in trusting your experience.

Think of how you could run through open woods at full speed, making hundreds of calculations per second to keep from slipping - if you were being chased by a wild animal.

There's time for thinking and there's time for painting. Separate the two.

Now paint fast, like you're being chased, not something abstract or crazy, but some subject you have tackled before.

Don't lose control and start throwing paint around or spilling things; 
don't trip into the bushes.

Don't question, don't hesitate- propel yourself forward gaining momentum.
You want to paint so fast you stop thinking.

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