Evolution & 5 Key Concepts: Secrets of A Modern Painter
Secrets of A Modern Painter: Evolution & 5 Key Concepts

Evolution & 5 Key Concepts

If you want to learn to really paint, and not just mimic a style or copy the world or pictures of it, you have come to the right place.

Everything you do will make you better. Move forward, learn, grow. Don't worry about over-painting, you must go through that wall over and over again to get at something new. Hesitation will hold you back.

A great artist with a piece of charcoal and a scrap of paper can say so much, can in effect, describe the world, and everything in it.

Begin today by limiting variables.

If you are not yet in full control of your materials, you must take a hard look at what's in your way. How many colors are you using and why? How many brushes? Knives? Mediums? Do you know why you are using this and that, what it does?

Today and tomorrow, think about simplification, subordinating all thoughts and complexity to pure feeling. What you want at the end of your next few sessions, if not all your painting sessions is to be looking at something raw, real, full of feeling and human nature. Evolve onto the canvas.

Start with just black maybe, or just red, or blue, or yellow. Do a 10 minute study of the energy of something immediately available, something solid, or paint a quick sketch of your face. How are you feeling, that's all that matters, not what you look like, but how you are feeling.

1.Power: A painting must be alive, what the painting is about should be in every aspect of the painting, it must embody the power of the subject and be infused through and through with the one feeling the piece is actual about.

2.Energy: Similar to power, but maybe mellow, soft, calm, depends on what you like to paint, how you feel, and how you want to express yourself, works of art span the spectrum of feelings. Some artists seek to disturb, some to offer peace, my goal is to stimulate people to clarity and understanding by translating my real feelings of existence into paint.

3.Weight: What is the substance being considered in your work? Are you painting a sky? Buildings? People? As painters we're all too often thinking about light, shadow, and color, but you must feel the weight of things to get at a new sense of reality.

4.Direction: Everything about a painting has direction, even if it is merely implied:line, value, color, brush stroke, shape, everything in one way or another changes as it moves and develops across the canvas. Everything must be controlled in the end, but during the process of creating you must in some ways be out of control, so let it go and bring it back, let it go and bring it back, just be conscious of the way all aspects of the painting are moving the viewers eyes in this way or that, and why.

Don't fear mistakes, you will only get better.

5.Stimulus and Response: Everything is connected, you are telling a story that maybe only you understand, like improvisational music, a dialogue is going on in your unconscious, let it flow but stay connected, act and react again and again, stop thinking, think, stop thinking, think. How do you respond to a hard black line? With a small soft one, or with an equally hard line in the opposite direction. Interacting with a painting is like interacting with people, what is the energy of the piece. Point-Counterpoint, Peace and Struggle, Strong and Weak, Strong and strong.

Are you fighting with yourself or flowing? What are you feeling today? Be yourself, fighting or flowing, let us feel it, be real, become on the canvas.

Show us who you are, evolve now on the canvas and show us your evolution.
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